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Learning for
a Healthy Brain Centers

We strive to enrich the lives of all senior citizens
so that they can lead an active life
in our graying society

Through exercises involving easy arithmetical calculations, as well as reading and writing, Kumon helps senior citizens maintain and enhance the functions of the frontal cortex. Our programs have been implemented in various nursing homes for senior citizens and by local governments, leading to many successful results.

SAIDO Learning®

SAIDO Learning is a non-pharmacological treatment which has been shown to ameliorate, or slow the progress of symptoms of dementia among senior citizens. It also contributes to improving the quality of care offered at the facilities implementing SAIDO by improving, for example, the communication skills of staff members.

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Number of facilities implementing SAIDO Learning®, students, and their achievements

Senior citizens studying Kumon

Photo: Senior citizens studying Kumon

SAIDO Learning has been introduced into a variety of nursing homes for senior citizens, including residential care services, such as special nursing homes and long-term care health facilities, as well as into non-residential services, such as day service and day care. As of March 2016, SAIDO is being practiced in 1,600 facilities serving 12,000 people, who enjoy their study backed by the support of staff members at these facilities.

Many changes have been observed in the seniors. For example, they smile more frequently, become able to communicate with others, and are energized and motivated to learn. The benefits of SAIDO Learning, which is now receiving widespread attention, have been scientifically demonstrated.

Learning for a Healthy Brain Centers

Lessons for senior citizens in good health aimed at preventing the onset of senile dementia are being held in Japan. Local governments, NPOs, and other organizations host the Centers, and volunteers from the local community aid students in their study. These venues then become places for people of different generations to communicate and make friends with one another through learning which, in turn, contributes to the revitalization of the community.

High satisfaction level of students

Learning for a Healthy Brain Center

Photo: Learning for a Healthy Brain Center

In FY 2015, there were 6,000 senior citizens studying in 240 municipalities (at 470 locations) in Japan. Approximately 85% of students aim to prevent senile dementia through their study, but they also witness other beneficial effects, reflected in such comments as: My life became more fulfilling than before,” “I feel motivated,” “I became more cheerful,” “I made friends,” and “I don't forget things as I used to.” Furthermore, 95% of students say that they are satisfied with their study.

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Offering the joy of learning and growth to as many people as possible

The Kumon Method at Children's Homes and Senior High Schools

Kumon offers learning opportunities in 49 countries
and regions around the world.

Kumon delivers the joy of learning to
everyone, from children to senior citizens.


Yesterday, today, and tomorrow
we at Kumon always have, and
always will, place the utmost
importance on continuing to learn.

Kumon Institute of
Education Co., Ltd.

Instructors and staff continuously learn from students.

Words of the founder of
Kumon that we value.

Through the Kumon Method we aim to foster sound, capable individuals who can succeed in achieving their goals in life.

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One father’s love for his son gave birth to the Kumon Method of learning.

Kumon has a dream, a dream of world peace brought about by education.

Timeless and borderless,
Kumon does its all for each and every individual.

It began with children in Japan and now extends to students all around
the world.

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