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2022 Activities and
Environmental Data

Based on our environmental policy, the Kumon Group is promoting activities to identify and reduce the environmental impact of its business activities, as well as to promote forest conservation.

In FY2022, the Kumon Group as a whole continued to reduce electricity and paper consumption, and increase the amount of recycled paper as basic actions related to the environment. As a result, environmental data for the entire Kumon Group in FY2022 were 92.3% for electricity consumption, 85.7% for paper consumption, and 114.0% for recycled paper compared to FY2021.

In Japan, we are promoting "Work Style Creation" as an initiative to realize diverse work styles, value creation, and productivity improvement for all staff. As part of this initiative, we have digitized documents and streamlined operations, resulting in a significant reduction in paper usage. In addition, remote work has taken root, leading to reductions in electricity and paper consumption.

In addition, a large amount of old worksheets are generated when teaching materials are revised, and in FY2022 efforts were made to reuse old teaching materials. In the same fiscal year, we were able to collect old Japanese language teaching materials that had been revised and refashion them into welcome set bags that contain pamphlets and other materials given to prospective students. We will continue our efforts to recycle teaching materials.

The period covered by the report is FY2022 (April 1, 2022 – March 31, 2023). However, certain data from activities outside of this period are also included.
The electricity usage data from the locations below are not included in this report:
Detroit Branch Office,
Atlanta Office ,
Houston Office ,
D. C. Office ,
San Francisco Office ,
Seattle Office
Toronto Office ,
Vancouver Office ,
Calgary Office
KAO Australia:
Melbourne Office ,
Brisbane Office ,
Adelaide Office
New Zealand:
New Zealand Office
Manchester Office ,
Birmingham Office
Düsseldorf Office
Oversea branch offices and subsidiaries not associated with the above RHQs are not included.

Electricity Usage

The Kumon Group is promoting the reduction of the usage of electricity in order to reduce of production of greenhouse gases in order to slow global warming.

We engaged in many daily activities such as adjustment of air conditioning temperatures and turning out lights in areas that are not being used, setting of personal computers on energy saving mode, etc.

Electricity consumption in FY2022 was reduced by 26.8% in Kumon Europe and Africa and 14.8% in Kumon Japan compared to FY2021 as a result of each group company's active efforts to switch to LED lighting and upgrade air conditioning systems, as well as remote work and office reorganization.

The Kumon Group as a whole reduced electricity usage by 7.7%. We will continue to implement energy saving activities.

We will continue to promote energy saving activities.

Year 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022
Electricity usage
12,413 11,901 9,847 9,349 8,632
Y/Y(%) 94.0 95.9 82.7 94.9 92.3

CO2 Emissions

The majority of greenhouse gases emitted by the Kumon Group are generated by electricity usage. Therefore, we work on the reduction of our CO2 emissions by promoting the reduction of our electricity usage.

Compared to FY2021, the Kumon Group as a whole reduced CO2emissions by 7.9% in FY2022, and by 14.3% per unit of sales (CO2emissions/Net sales).

*The CO2 conversion coefficients used are the latest for each country as listed in “Emissions Factors 2022” by the International Energy Agency (IEA). As the figures were disclosed only after our count, we retroactively corrected the data to the coefficients of the concerned fiscal year.

Year 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022
CO2 emissions
5,919 5,572 4,486 4,229 3,896
Y/Y(%) 91.6 94.1 80.5 94.3 92.1

Paper Usage

As the Kumon Group uses a large amount of paper for worksheets, etc., we promote the reduction of paper usage to preserve forest resources.

We have been promoting the digitization of documents, paperless meetings, printing on both sides of paper, and compact usage of paper, etc.

In addition, paperless operations have been advanced due to the increase in teleworking, digital reporting, and the digitization of FAXs etc.

Furthermore, the Kumon Group is expanding the use of environmentally friendly FSC-certified paper.

Compared to FY2021, paper consumption in FY2022 was reduced by 21.0% in China and 20.4% in Japan.

The Kumon Group as a whole was able to reduce paper consumption by 14.3% and the basic unit (paper consumption/sales) by 20.3%.

  • *Paper purchase volume calculated as paper usage volume
Year 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022
Paper usage
(millions of sheets)
51.9 41.6 17.7 13.8 11.8
Y/Y(%) 81.2 80.2 42.4 78.2 85.7

Paper Recycling

Each Kumon Group company promotes recycling, by placing paper recycling boxes to collect used copy paper as much as possible.

In FY2022, the entire Kumon Group recycled 14.0% more used paper than in FY2021.

Year2018 2019 2020 2021 2022
Paper recycling(t) 1030.6 937.1 846.1 789.5 900.0
Y/Y(%) 84.2 90.9 90.3 93.3 114.0
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