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Education for Children and Adults
with Special Needs

Providing the joy of learning to all people, regardless of whether they have a disability or not

By building on "what they can do now," students improve their concentration and processing ability, and develop self-confidence and motivation. In addition to Kumon centers, some support facilities for handicapped children and people with disabilities have also adopted the Kumon Method of learning.

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“The joy of learning” and “the joy of being able to do it" for everyone!

The Kumon Method is a learning method that develops the abilities of each individual on an individual basis, and this is no different for those with disabilities. The Kumon worksheets and basic instruction are the same. The Kumon Method's worksheets are organized in small steps, from the level of reading letters and numbers to the level of college education, so every learner has "what they can do now". There may be differences in the speed at which they learn, but by repeating "what they can do now," they will be able to focus and process more and more and will be able to do more things on their own. The accumulation of these "I did it by myself!” will lead to self-confidence and motivation. It will also nurture a spirit of trying to challenge new things. Through the Kumon Method, we hope that everyone will expand their own potential and feel the "joy of learning" and the "happiness of being able to do something".

Further developing what you can do.

Tsukushinbo Nobita

We believe that regardless of whether or not a person has a disability, he or she can improve his or her abilities by enjoying and repeating what he or she likes and is good at, and by making gradual steps forward. The characteristics of a disability are also relatively reduced by improving one's abilities.

Tsukushinbo, Nobita," a record of instruction practice in Kumon centers.

Tsukushinbo Nobita

Everyone has the potential to grow more, and children with special needs are no exception. There are many examples at KUMON that demonstrate this. By starting from where they can learn, gradually improving their ability level, and increasing the number of things they can do, through tireless efforts, children can grow in a remarkable way. Tsukushinbo Nobita (Kumon Publishing) is a series of booklets that records the study progress and growth of these children in detail.