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Explore the Kumon goods and services that are available
within Japan.

The Kumon Method of learning entails more than just math instruction
for children. We offer a wide range of goods and services that delivers the joy of learning to many different generations of people in Japan.

Math and Language Programs

Kumon imbues students with a firm foundation of academic ability and helps them become people capable of learning on their own.

Books and Educational Toys

Kumon Publishing produces children’s books, workbooks, and educational products that aid our attempts to bring out children’s potential.

The Kumon Method at Children's Homes and Senior High Schools

Our services are also available in places besides Kumon Centers. We strive to share the joy of learning and growth with as many people as possible.

Penmanship and Calligraphy

Kumon enables students of all ages to improve their handwriting and experience the joy of learning.

SAIDO Learning® / Learning for a Healthy Brain Centers

We contribute to our graying society by providing non-pharmacological treatment that focuses on the prevention, or amelioration, of senile dementia.

Japanese Language Program

This program is designed to help foreign nationals acquire Japanese language proficiency with instruction available in English, Portuguese, and Chinese.

French Program / German Program

These programs set out to enable Japanese speakers to develop an advanced level of reading comprehension ability in French and German.

Education for Children and Adults with Special Needs

We aim to provide the joy of learning to all people by providing the "just-right" level of study, regardless of whether they have a disability or not.

Child-Raising Support

Through singing songs together and co-reading, Kumon shows how words can strengthen the bond between parent and chld.

English Immersion Activities

With the aim of gaining a global perspective, children spend several days in an English-speaking environment with people from different countries and backgrounds.

TOEFL Primary® and TOEFL Junior® tests

We help children to gain an accurate understanding of their level of English ability and support them in achieving their goal of becoming global citizens.

Kumon Museum of Children’s Ukiyo-e

Access our online collection of ukiyo-e woodblock prints and see artistic depictions of the way Japanese children lived during the Edo period.