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Privacy Policy

Enacted: April 1, 2005

Revised: September 1, 2017

Revised: January 1, 2024

The original version of this Privacy Policy is in Japanese, and any translation is for reference purposes only.

In conducting its activities, the Kumon Group (hereafter, “the Group”) respects all related persons, including those who study at Kumon and all who strive to contribute to society through education. The Group considers the protection of personal information to be a guiding principle of its business activities and a social responsibility. The Group is committed to implementing the privacy policies set out below.

1. Thorough Implementation of Privacy Policy

The Group will pursue appropriate measures for the protection and management of personal information under the direction of a person in charge of information management. To ensure thorough and proper handling of all personal information, the Group will provide training on the protection and appropriate management of personal information.

2. Principles for the Collection of Personal Information (Japan only)

If necessary, the Group may collect personal information from those enrolling in a Center, or from those commencing a correspondence course or studies at an institution implementing the Kumon programs; from those purchasing goods, making an inquiry or submitting an application; or on other occasions. In addition, the Kumon Group may collect public information on its website and social networking services in order to study ways to improve its products and services. Personal information that the Group collects locally and/or internationally, as well as the purpose for each use of data, includes (without limitation) the following. In case the Group collects personal information for purposes other than those stated below, it will publish or notify the individuals the purpose of the data use in advance and ensure the collection is carried out in an appropriate manner.

(1) Personal information related to customers

a. Inquirers

  • Dealing with inquiries
  • Introduction and announcement of Kumon’s educational services, businesses, and related products
  • Development and improvement of the Group’s products and services

b. Users of the Group’s education and learning services (hereafter, “learners”) and their guardians and families

  • Instructing learners (including the collection and analysis of instruction-related data; research/development/improvement related to the learning materials and instructional methods; training for the Group’s staff and Kumon Instructors)
  • Center management (including the communication of necessary information; awards for learners; the delivery of newsletters and other items)
  • Announcements and information regarding education, learning, publications, and child-raising support, as well as related products and services; research, planning, and development; surveys (e.g., questionnaires); the creation of statistical and marketing materials; announcements and the holding of events
  • Announcements from Kumon Tomo-no-Kai (loyalty program for learners) and the exchange of attendance points for rewards

c. Purchasers of the Group’s products

  • Dispatch of products and items (including those related to the provision of services)
  • Announcements and information regarding purchased products and services, as well as products and services provided by the Group
  • Dealing with inquiries
  • Queries about the use and maintenance of the online shop and related matters

d. Applicants and examinees of tests organized or administered by the Group

  • Execution and operation of tests
  • Surveys and research, development, and marketing related to tests
  • Announcements and information regarding products and services provided by the Group

(2) Personal information related to Kumon Instructors

a. Candidates

  • Recruitment and selection of Instructors; orientation announcements; preparations for the openings of Centers

b. Kumon Instructors and their families

  • Training (including group training sessions with other Kumon Instructors)
  • Support for Center operation
  • Information services; questionnaires and surveys; research, planning, and development
  • Exchanging information for learning among Instructors (both domestic and overseas Instructors)
  • Performing services on behalf of the Kumon Fukushi Kyokai (mutual aid association for Kumon Instructors in Japan)
  • Performing services on behalf of the Kumon Aoiro Shinkoku Kyokai (association for Kumon Instructors in Japan) to assist with the filing of blue returns and other tax-related issues
  • Safety confirmations in times of disasters or accidents

(3) Personal information related to business partners

  • Communications related to business dealings

(4) Personal information related to institutions implementing Kumon programs and other interested organizations

  • Collection and analysis of instruction-related data
  • Organization of committees, forums, etc.
  • Communication and support related to training and Center management
  • Certifications in learning therapy businesses (e.g., SAIDO Master)
  • Questionnaires and surveys, as well as research, planning, and development on the institutions’/organizations’ staff members

(5) Personal information related to directors and staff

a. Interns, internship applicants, and job applicants

  • Announcements and the organization of internships
  • Announcements of recruitment events
  • Recruiting, selection, and related improvements

b. Directors and staff (including the Instructors and assistants of company-owned Centers) and their families

  • Management of work, personnel, training and human resource development, evaluation, payroll, benefits, and industrial health and safety
  • Communication with assignee companies
  • Verification and improvement of personnel systems (including those of Group companies)
  • Safety confirmation in times of disasters or accidents
  • Notifications and reporting to public offices
  • The issuing of corporate credit cards

c. Resignees

  • Operation of communication network for resignees (SNS, etc.)

(6) Others

a. Volunteer staff (including job applicants)

  • Communications related to recruiting selection and Center management

b. Applicants for lectures and other events

  • Venue arrangements and other preparations for events

c. Visitors to Kumon Group websites and SNS, etc

  • For consideration of marketing, product, and service improvements, and protection of the Kumon Group's rights

d. Individuals listed in other public information

  • For consideration of marketing, product, and service improvements, and protection of the Kumon Group's rights

3. Proper Management and Use

The Group will take appropriate measures for the management of personal information and will use that information solely for the purposes of use announced at the time of collection. Moreover, Kumon Group companies in Japan have implemented the following safety management measures. In addition, where the Group outsources the handling of personal information to its business partners for the above-mentioned purposes, the Group will carefully evaluate the partners in advance and will supervise them for proper performance of the outsourced handling.

(1) Establishment of discipline in the handling of personal information

  • We have established and are continuously reviewing and improving our personal information protection rules and manuals, including handling methods, responsible person systems and roles at each stage of acquisition, use, storage, provision, deletion and disposal, etc.

(2) Organizational Security Management Measures

  • We have established and are operating a response system that includes reporting and contacting the person in charge in the event of a leakage of personal information or any other incident, or in the event that we become aware of any signs of such an incident.
  • We have established and are operating a means to check the status of personal information handling, and are continuously reviewing and improving this system.

(3) Human security management measures

  • We provide training and other employee education as necessary to employees who handle personal information protection.

(4) Physical security management measures

  • Measures are taken to prevent theft or loss of equipment that handles personal information and documents and media on which personal information is recorded.
  • Measures are taken to prevent leakage, etc. when documents, media, etc. containing personal information are carried.
  • Measures are taken to ensure that documents and media containing personal information are properly disposed of.

(5) Technical security management measures

  • We carry out access control of information systems that handle personal information, identification and authentication of access persons.
  • We have introduced and are operating a system to protect against unauthorized external access, unauthorized software, and leaks resulting from the use of our information systems.

(6) Understanding the external environment

  • When personal information is handled in a foreign country, we are aware of the systems for the protection of personal information in that foreign country and take necessary and appropriate measures for safety management.

4. Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties

The Group will not disclose or provide personal information to third parties without the prior consent of that person, unless otherwise specified by law or regulations.

5. Accuracy and Security

The Group will take reasonable measures to keep personal information accurate and up to date, and to prevent unauthorized access, loss, breakage, falsification, or leakage of information.

6. Queries Regarding Personal Information (Japan only)

Where an individual wishes the Group to have his/her personal information disclosed, corrected, ceased to be used, deleted, or otherwise, the Group will take prompt action to the extent reasonable after verifying the requesting individual.

For queries regarding personal information, contact 0120-372-100 (free dial; Japanese only) 9:30−17:30 (excluding weekends, national holidays, summer or New Year holidays, and October 20).

7. Compliance with Laws and Improved Handling

The Group is committed to complying with all laws and regulations related to personal information and to improving handling as appropriate.

Binding Corporate Rules (BCRs)

For the Kumon Group’s binding corporate rules, please refer to the page linked below.