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Kumon Environmental Activities Around the World

Activities in Japan

KIE and other Group companies in Japan (Kumon LIL, Kumon Publishing, and KTRIE have been promoting environmental management activities through the Environmental Committee in Japan.

The year-on-year overall environmental data for Group companies in Japan for FY2022 showed good results at: electricity usage = 85.2%, paper usage = 79.6%, paper recycling amount = 102.4%.

In FY2022, as part of our efforts to reform operations and create new ways of working, we reduced electricity consumption by reorganizing office locations in the Tokyo metropolitan area and Osaka Prefecture, followed by Ibaraki, Niigata, and Fukushima Prefectures. In addition, the use of the Internet for student enrollment application forms, notices from the office to Instructors, and monthly reports has significantly reduced the amount of paper used.

Kumon L.I.L. has been reviewing the way its staff have been working and will be making major organizational changes in July 2022, and in conjunction with these changes, the layout of the 6th floor of the Kyoiku Kaikan Building, where the company's headquarters is located, has been drastically changed. The concepts behind the layout change are "a way of working that is environmentally friendly and aims to improve productivity" and "closer communication than ever between leaders and employees. In addition to expected reductions in electricity consumption, we aim to create a more efficient work environment and a more comfortable workplace.

Environmental data in Japan

Electricity usage and CO2 emissions Paper usage and Paper recycling

Activities by KNA

E-waste is old electronic products that can no longer be used, such as old televisions, computers, batteries, etc. E-waste poses a risk to the environment and natural ecosystems because it can leak toxic substances if not properly disposed of.

Soil, water, air, and wildlife can all be severely impacted by the toxic chemicals contained in e-waste. To address this issue, Kumon Mexico works with companies that collect and recycle e-waste. The recycling company provides the Kumon with a certificate certifying that the e-waste has been responsibly recycled and acknowledging the donation, as well as a plant as a symbol of the importance of environmental stewardship.

Due to the danger that mishandled e-waste represents, Kumon of Mexico is strengthening its efforts to recycle not just e-waste produced at the office, but personal e-waste as well! The goal is for this initiative to grow and help us improve the environment in which we live. In Mexico’s office we are very excited to see how this relaunch will increase the awareness of e-waste’s impact on the environment and the importance of its proper disposal.

Activities by KSA

In Kumon South America, a kick-off conference for a new project to promote the introduction of tablet learning in Brazil was held on October 24 and 25.

The conference, held in Campinas, São Paulo (approximately 110 km north-northwest of São Paulo), was attended by 22 pioneer Instructors, who shared best practices through lectures, Q&A sessions, and Center visits.

The Center Development Division, which organized the event, called on the participating Instructors and staff from São Paulo and was able to use a small bus instead of traveling individually. If they had traveled individually by car, seven cars would have been needed, even with two people in each car. The round trip by the small bus emits approximately 107kg of CO2.Therefore, the emission of 187kg of CO2 was prevented by using buses for the 220 km round trip.

Activities by KAO

Kumon Asia and Oceania is committed to energy conservation and paper use reduction.

In fiscal year 2022, all lighting in our renovated classrooms and offices was converted to LED. LED lighting offers many benefits in energy use and cost savings. Replacing all workplace lighting with LEDs could improve overall energy efficiency by as much as 60% to 70%.

We have also implemented a document management service called Zoho Docs. The document management service eliminates the need to create documents on paper. Instead, documents can be created, stored, and shared online. Reducing paper use will also reduce the amount of trees cut down, a step toward saving the natural environment, which is rapidly disappearing. In addition to reducing paper use, it will also increase work efficiency and save time, money, and resources.

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Activities by KCN

Kumon China is implementing a variety of environmental activities to mitigate the effects of global warming.

in the summer of 2022, Shanghai recorded about 50 extremely hot days, with nearly 10 days of extreme weather exceeding 40℃ (104 °F). Staff in Shanghai began a low-carbon initiative by saving electricity. They turned off all lights in the pantry and dining room after use, kept the room temperature of air conditioners at around 26℃ to 28℃, and ran fans to improve air circulation in an effort to save electricity. In addition, to reduce power consumption, we paid attention to little things around us, such as turning off water servers, copiers, and other machines that use electricity after work. These efforts resulted in an 18% reduction in electricity consumption compared to the previous year, despite the hot summer.

For many years, Kumon Hong Kong has promoted the conservation of paper in the office. In an effort to reduce the large amount of paper used in the office, the Hong Kong office recently posted environmental slogans near the copiers. This posting has resulted in a 20% reduction in paper usage as employees think twice before printing documents and use recycled paper.

Kumon Guangdong reuses old book covers after new editions of teaching materials are released. Employees in the Guangdong office check book covers to see if they are still in good condition and unused book covers are shared among employees to eliminate waste.

Activities by KEA

The Kumon Distribution Centre (KDC) in the UK relocated last year from London in the southeast to a new warehouse in Birmingham in central England.

The move allowed the company to redesign its processes and necessary storage areas to create an efficient distribution center in half the space.

In addition to downsizing the warehouse, the company has also embarked on an environmentally friendly infrastructure and supporting initiatives.

  • Recycle paper waste, cardboard, plastic wrap, and wooden pallets
  • Installed LED lighting in the warehouse and ceiling on second floor
  • Installed dimmable LED lights that automatically turn off in the office
  • Installed large, ultra-efficient ceiling gas heater in the warehouse that uses three ceiling-mounted fans to raise hot air and then lower it back down again.
  • One charging point for electric vehicles installed
  • Repurposed cardboard boxes used by overseas suppliers to send educational materials and ship orders to UK&I Instructors
  • Landlord established small area to support insects and wildlife
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  • Promotion of environmental conservation and preservation of
    forest resources together with outside partners