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The Kumon Group believes that one of our core values is to fulfill our responsibilities and obligations to solve global environmental problems.

In order to solve global environmental problems it is necessary to combine the knowledge of people from all around the world. We will incorporate this environmentally-friendly vision into our business planning and will work on a permanent basis to protect our precious planet.

Kumon Group Environmental Management

Environmental Philosophy, Environmental Policy, and environmental promotion system.

2021 Activities and Environmental Data

Electricity usage, CO2 emissions, paper usage, and paper recycling.

Environmental Communication

Disclosure of information, environmental education, and distribution of environmental news.

Kumon’s Environmental Activities around the World

Japan, North America (KNA), South America (KSA), Asia and Oceania (KAO), China (KCN), and Europe and Africa (KEA).

Environmental Preservation
with External Partners

Kumon Forest Foundation, support for WWF Japan forest preservation activities, and participation in reforestation activities through the tree as a present.

Annual Kumon's Environmental Activities