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Spreading Globally

Kumon offers learning opportunities 
in 53 countries and regions around the world.

Our aim is to nurture human capital who will support global society in the 21st century.
Kumon conducts community-based activities throughout the world,
helping individuals discover their potential and develop their abilities to the maximum.

Regarding inquiries about study and franchise opportunities outside of Japan:

Kumon Instructors in countries and regions around the world, who are rooted in their local communities, are guiding students in subjects such as math and native language. (In some cases, Japanese expatriates are Instructors in overseas communities.) In order to learn more, please make your inquiry directly to the company of the Kumon Group that you are interested in by clicking on the appropriate country or region link below to enter their website.

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Total World Enrollment

total number of subject enrollments
as of June 2019

Kumon's development of basic academic ability and individualized learning accepted globally

Why has Kumon been accepted in countries having different cultures, values, and educational systems? The prime reason is that the goal of Kumon is to develop high basic academic ability, which is the foundation of all education. Moreover, Kumon's method of individualized study is ideal for people of all ages. Our efforts have been steadily gaining positive results around the world.

individualized learning method

Together with people all around the world,
Kumon aspires to help children grow

Another reason why Kumon has spread worldwide is that the Kumon Method is universal and can be implemented anywhere in the world using simply paper and pencil. The spread of the Kumon Method has only been made possible by the aspirations of people around the world who are striving to realize their potential and develop their abilities to the maximum.

Kumon Instructors' Conference

Kumon Instructors Conference

The Kumon Global Movie shows Kumon’s current expansion around the world.

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