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Environmental Communication

English communication

English Immersion Camp for children was held during the summer vacation in 2019 for the 19th time and 204 children participated ranging in age from elementary school third grade to sixth grade. This is a program that deepens international understanding as the children live together with camp leaders from all over the world and staff while communicating in English. In 2019 we introduced the initiative where BRAC elementary schools are offering the environment to continue study for underprivileged children. We hope that students used this opportunity to learn about what is happening in the world and to develop the desire to make a contribution to society by thinking for oneself.

In addition, EID (English Immersion Day) sessions, where elementary school students studying English communicate in English with people from around the world, were held in 10 locations involving 984 participants. We hope that the participating children learned to recognize personal differences, raised their interest in their dreams and goals, and will grow into human resources who will make a contribution to global society.

Information disclosure through environmental reports

Since FY2013, the Kumon Group has been posting environmental reports on our website making information public about our environmental preservation activities and data (electricity usage, CO2 emissions, paper usage, and paper recycling), in addition to the Kumon Environmental Philosophy and Environmental Policy.

Environmental education for Kumon staff

The Kumon Group is implementing environmental education for all staff members to raise awareness and deepen understanding of the environment.

In FY2019 also e-learning for environmental education was implemented in training for new management staff. Participants learned about global environmental problems, environmental management, and environmental law.

Opportunities for sharing are increasing such as posters raising environmental awareness and environmental data being posted in offices, and environmental awareness in each company is rising each year as staff learn from one another about the environment.

Distribution of in-company environmental newsletter

Every quarter, the Kumon Group distributes the Kumon Green News Quarterly in Japanese and English to all Group companies.

The newsletters include quarterly environmental data by region, as well as environmental activity reports sent from each Group company to be shared worldwide.

In addition, some Group companies are distributing environmental news to their staff, etc. We are proactively engaged in environmental communication.